All the Good and Happy Things.

Husband and I were so blessed to get away for a week to the beach.  It was much needed respite after the past few months of living apart.  We, along with my parents, (yes, my parents, and they’re awesome and some of our best friends!) spent a week lounging in the sun, sleeping aplenty, and filling our bellies with delicious seafood.  And it was so, so good.  We hadn’t spent more than a few days together in months and this was the start to our new season of being together again.

We managed to get packed up (picking from boxes) and on our trip all in one piece only to arrive to a first day of rain.  But even in the rain, it was beautiful.

And after the rain, it was glorious.  Quality time with this guy. 
And skies that looked like this:
I wish we were able to get away more often, but man, it makes the times we do so very sweet.

I’m a nomad

So this week Husband is away on business in Atlanta and I’ll be shuffling back and forth between our old home, our new home, and my parents’ home.  Lots of little loose ends to tie up.  The fat cat and the puggle have both been camping with my parents since moving day.  I’m mostly sleeping at their house this week until I can gather enough stuff from boxes to pack for vacation.  Hallelujah.


Done and Done.

We’re moved in.  Just like that.  Our home in Murray is empty and it’s awful.  Our incredible parents helped us (thank God!) to get everything packed into a truck and moved all in the span of a day.  Lesson #842 about moving:  Don’t do it on a weekday because no one will help you.  Except your family.  Because they love you and will disrupt their lives to help. So yes.  Thankful for them.  And thankful that in about a week I’ll be on the beach.

The Final Countdown

I know.  You read the title and you sang the song.  I’m sorry.  That was a mean trick.  We’re moving into our own little gingerbread house soon.  Loveshack? Bungalow?  You get the idea.  While we’ve had a million and one ideas of where we might live, our little loveshack was graciously offered to us to rent and while it’s not what I had envisioned, we think we probably really lucked out.  If you follow me on Instagram you may have even seen that we have house hunted a bit.  We looked at an incredible old home but knew it wasn’t the right time to want to work on a house.  It made me really long for wanting to be in a season in our lives where we wanted to plant roots, but I’m not sure our new town will be the place.  So for now, we’re shacking up in our little bungalow and trying to grasp that this is the best plan for this season.  It will be different.  It will be rules to abide by which are not our own.  But it’s got an arched doorway and a nice yard and we’ll learn to love it as our own.

Dear House, You are really very small, Just big enough for Love, that’s all. {Instagram by Joy Prouty}


And We’re Off!

Things have been busy around here.  We finished all the little things to get the house ready for going on the market.  And I kept my house cleaner than I really ever do.  This has been a good exercise in domesticity for me : )  Last week husband had to be in Atlanta all week so we did the shuffle to get him to the airport on Sunday and then to pick him up Friday night.  But there was a lot of excitement in between.

Our house went live on the MLS one week ago on Monday, August 26.  My realtor called and woke me up Friday morning to tell me an offer had come in.  A good offer.  By lunchtime we were signed and under contract.  That’s right.  5 days and 6 showings and under contract.  I still can’t believe it.  Now I don’t want to jinx it and know that the whole process of inspections, etc. are still ahead, but for now, this is such wonderful news, delivered far quicker and less painfully than I could have imagined.

Somehow knowing the ease with which this has transpired is a bit of encouragement that we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing and that we’re following the plan that God has in store for our lives next.  It’s bittersweet but this is one of the first moments I’ve felt like this is all just exactly right.

We’ll be leaving this sweet place we’ve called home sooner than I thought.  My crazy office.  Where I’m writing from most of the time.  The room where I’ve editing countless photos and spent way too much time on the internet and made messes and art and wonderfulness.

Our room.  Our haven. Where the best afternoon naps, late night conversations and early morning snuggles are had.
Our guest room where sweet friends and family have stayed to come and share our home with us.  Where a childhood friend lived with us for a month to do a med school rotation.  Where we slept when I had thrown my clothes in the floor for one too many days and we couldn’t stand to sleep in our own room.  Where we had sleepovers when we were too broke to run away for the weekend.
Where we’ve sadly had too few meals around this table but the ones we have were full of laughter and yumminess.
Where we’ve collected silly earthly treasures that make us smile. 
Where lots of music has been made.  The home of the Living Room Lullabies.
Where little critters have nested and snuggled and cuddled.
Where we’ve woken up for a long time and gotten comfortable.  But it’s almost time to say goodbye.  Here’s to the calm before the storm!