Fail.  Big, fat, messy fail over here on the ol’ blog.  But that’s okay.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times I logged in thinking I should post something, anything.  But in those moments I am constantly overwhelmed at the depth and breadth of all the things I feel and am compelled to spill out in swift keystrokes but a little voice stops me, “you’ll never be able to share all the things you feel, the highs and the lows, why bother trying to get it all out of you if you’ll only barely get through the first paragraph of the novel?”  So I’ve done that many times over the past few months.  But I sit here tonight hoping that typing anything may be a start to getting into a routine here.  I really think there are so many things I’m meant to share in fellowship with others because I know some of the experiences in my life, especially as of late, are not mine alone to dwell in.  I know that sometimes there are things that others could come crawl into this space and feel like they are not alone, if only I could get on with it, and truly be transparent in sharing things that are on my quiet, private heart.  So I’ll try.  I’ll try to be more present here.  I will tell you that when I’m not here, I’m often sharing over on the one positive, feel good space of social media that I’ve found: Instagram.  I know not everyone would agree, but I’ve very intentionally curated my little IG world to only follow those who feed me in a beneficial, uplifting and inspiring way.  I can hardly attest that my own feed will do the same for you, but I do very much invite you to visit me there anytime.

So what’s been happening since the first of the year? We’ve gotten very cozy and comfortable in our little loveshack.   We’ve spent many hours upstairs in the cozy wood-walled room that amazingly (in it’s dated funkyness) become our favorite space.  I’ve listened to my husband makes lots and lots of music and rediscover his passion for playing.  It’s been really wonderful.

We also survived the bitter cold winter full of snow day after snow day.  I’ll have to admit this tiny house and our quiet little street looked pretty darn cute all covered in snow.  I know it was a long dreary winter for everyone, but we had no idea how much more precipitation we’d experience by being a little further north this winter.  My snow boots earned their keep this year.
Even the pup has become enamored with the upstairs.  It’s the happiest, ugliest little room. : )
And these make me laugh.  I needed to do some light tests a couple weeks ago before a shoot and so we set up down in the living room for a bit.  Husband made a good test model, and then took these hilarious shots of me and giant kitty.


365 Project | 5/365

My loves. Melts my heart every time.  Always, always.

We woke up to a dreary winter day and spent lots of extra time for snuggles this morning.  And I couldn’t pick just one to share.

365 Project-5-2
365 Project-7


365 Project | 4/365

Well, I’m less than a week in, and I’ve missed a day.  But that’s okay because I was looking for an excuse to post this photo from a little earlier in the winter.  And well, frankly, it’s this cold out right now anyway, so I’ll not consider this one a failure.

Winter Berries-1

365 Project | 3/365

More of this.

Started the third day of the year just as it should be.  As someone who’s been a night owl for as long as I can remember, getting up and starting a routine in the early hours of the day is a real struggle.  I know that routine is a real sore spot for me and something that I truly think God wants to see me improve on.  Not just the routine of time spent with Him, but routine in general.  While being completely adherent to routine is probably bad for most people, the same can be said when you have none.  There are a lot of things in my life that could be improved with the discipline of routine.  We will be embarking on some major ordeals this year that will require me to embrace the discipline of routine and I want to be preparing my heart and mind for those events, which I can do through my routine now, with HIM.

365 Project-6

365 Project | 2/365

Less of this.

This is my desk on January 2.  Yes I am a slob.  It’s bad.  It’s ten times worse in color.  Less of this in my life this year.

365 Project-3