My Favorite Blogs

2013:  I know there are lots of people like myself who follow blogs so regularly they feel like they know them…  right?  I read around and enjoy so many corners of the internet that it’s hard to get too involved with many, but there are some places I visit over and over again.  Here are my all time favorites:

  • Under the Sycamore wins top honors from me.  It probably makes me sound like a total weirdo but I check in on Ashley and her adorable brood nearly every day.  I’ve been a regular reader for 4+ years so it’s like checking in on friends when I go to her blog.  It’s filled with pretty handmade crafts and projects, her five cute kiddos, and a heaping spoonful of inspirational intentional living.  Ashley seems as down to earth as possible and has used her huge readership to open doors for flocks of people to do incredible things like help sponsor incubators at an orphanage in China.  In short, I think she’s awesome, and I look forward to this every day.
  • Young House Love has also been on my list for a long time.  John & Sherry Petersik just moved into their third home, and their third fixer-upper.  YHL documents all sorts of DIY antics and home beautification.  They’re about as cute as can be and they have a hilariously precocious little one and a chihuahua named Burger.  What’s not to love?
  • A Beautiful Mess has too much goodness to contain into a description.  A gaggle of fabulous eclectic fashion, lifestyle and DIY adventures await you.  You’ll love it.  Go explore.