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365 Project | 5/365

My loves. Melts my heart every time.  Always, always. We woke up to a dreary winter day and spent lots of extra timeView full post »

365 Project | 4/365

Well, I’m less than a week in, and I’ve missed a day.  But that’s okay because I was looking for anView full post »

365 Project | 3/365

More of this. Started the third day of the year just as it should be.  As someone who’s been a night owl for asView full post »

365 Project | 2/365

Less of this. This is my desk on January 2.  Yes I am a slob.  It’s bad.  It’s ten times worse in colorView full post »

365 Project | 1/365

I was determined to finally make myself be in the habit of picking up my DSLR every day.  When I was younger I probablyView full post »