Hi, I’m Dianne, the voice behind We Are All Wayfarers.  Thank you so much for visiting me here.  I’m a photographer (I know… everyone is a photographer… but really, I am.) and a creative, liberal soul.  I’m married to my best friend and we both have wicked curly brunette hair and will one day surely have crazy curly headed children with his big beautiful eyes and my big smile.  Currently, we have a puggle named Isabelle and an enormous orange and white cat named Jinx.

I’m not sure what Wayfarers will become, because truthfully, it was born out of necessity.  I needed a place to unload, and for now, this is it.  I hope you’ll continue to check in and follow this little peek into the stories of my life and others around me.

Until we meet again, We Are All Wayfarers.  Journey on.